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Elinor Swanson

For Liberty

Decrease the Debt. Live and Let Live.


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Politics is about ideas, not people.

The first Swanson For Liberty campaign is done.

There will be another. Stay tuned.

In the meantime - enjoy!

The Bottom Line
Montana Mountain
Montana winding road

Decrease the Debt


We have a mountain of debt. Every man, woman, and child is $75,000 in debt due to federal government borrowing. Year after year, federal government borrowing grows faster than the American economy. Year after year, the debt increases.

We don't know what financial challenges the future might bring. Yet, we are committing future generations to cover our costs as well as their own, without their consent. That is taxation without representation. Future generations didn't vote for the debt they will inherit.

Together, let's do the right thing, so that our children and grandchildren won't be paying the price.

Live and Let Live


This road doesn't have to be so hard. There are over one million people in Montana, and hundreds of millions of people in America. Each one of us has overlapping and occasionally conflicting interests, identities, and desires. How do we peacefully and respectfully choose only a single set of cultural, religious, and social values to govern us all? We can't.

Nor should we.

America is a diverse place, and that diversity needs freedom to thrive. We can live together harmoniously if we acknowledge each peaceful, honest individual's right to live according to the dictates of personal conscience. Every one of us has the right to live free, so long as we aren't harming anyone else.

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